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Recycling your biowaste and organic waste into high quality valuable products

Biowaste containing large amounts of organic matter is a valuable commodity. It can be recycled into gas, electricity and a high quality fertiliser.

As part of the government's drive to meet its environmental targets, landfill taxes are rising steeply, and producers and processors which generate waste are searching for the most efficient way to minimise their costs. The right solution will not only pay for itself over a short period, but also have low on-going operating costs; making it a win:win solution for the client.

Developings advanced technology to recycle biowaste and organic waste

Monsal are the market leader in the provision of digester technology in the UK. We have developed a complete range of technology and solutions for anaerobic digestion of Biowaste and organic waste. Our technology solutions are complete offerings for Agricultural, Biowaste or Municipal Solid Waste treatment.

In the waste sector our biowaste plants are offered as complete turnkey installations with a primary focus on high levels of organics separation and high levels of performance and energy efficiency.

We are the only digestion company to have all our core process equipment manufactured and supported from the UK. This means we are able to offer a full and responsive technical support service for Biowaste and organic waste plants. Our supply chain has been developed over many years to meet exacting quality, Health and Safety and environmental standards.

We have invested in development of core technology to separate the organic fraction from contaminated waste. We have extensive references for this equipment on difficult waste streams and are one of the few companies in the biowaste sector with a long term equipment track record. We have incorporated our key digestion technology and equipment into our offering to make available a one stop shop for Biowaste processing - the Monsal Biowaste know-how.

Monsal Westry – Food Organic Waste Advanced digestion  Turnkey solution 1.6 MWe More power from food

This biowaste know-how has enabled Monsal to supply advanced robust technology which is specifically designed to recycle organic waste and biowaste into valuable products at a low operating cost, and with a short payback period on the capital investment.

Monsal have also developed strong skills and experience in planning and permitting for waste plants, and accessing funding for clients. Monsal's early involvement in setting up a large project is critical to the successful and timely delivery of these projects.

Monsal provide advanced separation, advanced anaerobic digestion and biogas technology for the organic waste sector. Biowaste plants are delivered as complete turnkey projects or technology packages according to the clients' needs. The Monsal technology is becoming widely recognised as the technology of choice by water utilities, food producers, waste processors and recycling companies in the UK for this application. The very high organics recovery, renewable energy and thermal efficiency of the Monsal process is achieved by high efficiency pre-separation equipment and state-of-the art Anaerobic Digestion plant and technology.

Monsal have a dedicated technical team to support developers with planning and permitting issues. Organic waste and Biowaste projects can be optimised from inception, using financial modeling, right through to operational optimisation of key process plant. Monsal's highly dedicated and skilled workforce forms the platform for these services. We have an in-house advisory team who have helped deliver some of the largest Biowaste plants on the continent. That expertise and know how is a key part of our offering.

Monsal's integrated Management system is fully certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Monsal is also fully accredited to Achilles UVDB Verify. This enables Monsal to manage its work efficiently and to a consistently high standard, giving its customers and suppliers confidence.

Monsal is recognised for its specialist skills, and works closely with its clients to deliver the most optimal biowaste solution, ensuring it is both robust and will deliver a significant return on investment.


We have the right team to guarantee you deliver on your organic waste and biowaste investment.



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